Check Engine Light in Shelby Township, MI

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Fix Your Check Engine Light-Before It's Too Late!

Your vehicle was designed to give you an early alert when something is happening under the hood. There are typically no other warning signs with a solid check engine light. It's a quiet notification which fools some motorists into thinking that the problem is not that serious. Kerner's Auto Service in Shelby Township, MI encourages all motorists to come to our facility as soon as they notice the red/orange light on their vehicle's dashboard. Delaying your appointment can do extensive and expensive damages to your vehicle. There's no way of knowing what the exact issue is without a complete diagnostic from our ASE Certified team. We're using the industry's most advanced diagnostic equipment to find out the truth about your vehicle's condition. A quick response to your vehicle's check engine light is only half the battle. The other half is choosing the right facility. We won't try any trial-and-error techniques on your vehicle. We'll find out the truth before performing any repairs.

Solving All Check Engine Light Mysteries

The actual problem could be anything - from an insignificant loose gas cap to a complex transmission repair need. When your check engine light first appears, you should pull over at the gas station and check the gas cap. You might be able to fix your engine's "problem" right then and there. If that doesn't fix it, then you should come to our experts. The first check engine light will be a solid light on the dashboard. Wait too long, and this light will start to blink. This indicates an emergency and is letting you know that the vehicle is about to break down. Many drivers will ignore the check engine light until it's absolutely necessary to bring it to our repair shop, or once they are stranded on the side of the road. Kerner's Auto Service encourages all motorists to make us their first and last answer for any check engine light questions. The first step is using the best diagnostic equipment available to make sure your vehicle is performing at its best.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Repair Today!

Is your Check Engine Light on? Time to turn it off. If you've already tried tightening the loose gas cap, then it's time to schedule an appointment with us. We look forward to finding out what triggered your check engine light. We'll get started on making the light disappear after we get the go-ahead from you. You can trust us throughout the entire diagnosis and repair process. Kerner's Auto Service has the skilled team members with decades of service experience to handle the results of your vehicle's diagnosis. Give us a call today to schedule your check engine light repair. Next time you're in the area, feel free to stop by. We gladly accept all of our walk-in customers.